Urban Folk Session

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UFS is made up of several Newcastle Folk Degree graduates who perform regularly together in this format.

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The Beginnings
First it might be useful to explain to you what a ‘folk session’ is, then we’ll tell you what UFS does. A folk session occurs in a environment that is sheltered, with out too much light, often humid and very warm. These are the perfect conditions to incubate folk music and once the catalyst which is genrally a 4-5% blond ale is added the music is imminent. For well organise sessions there are usually session leaders who help the music flow freely making regular appearances and can be observed in their regular seat week after week. It is not advisable to take a session leaders seat, it has been compared of poking a bear. Sessions with-out leaders can often die down even with perfect environmental conditions or worst can become ukulele session! Haha

Great sessions often have a mixture of song and tunes, tunes are melodies for dancing but have very little dancing at the session, unless you consider large men waggling there toes and shuffling their beer belly from underneath their pint as dancing. Although it may be alarming its not uncommon for an entire pub’s worth of paying punters including people who have just come for a drink and a natter, to be told to shut up for someone singing the wild rover, you can also expect all the old men to join in on the filthy verse no one knew it ever had, but on rare occasions the pub is quietened to listen to something so beautiful it would bring a tear to a glass eye sung by a creature that could turn an angel green. It is worth staying through five house of listening and drinking to be a part of a moment like that.

UfS Nights
We run regular sessions in and around Newcastle so if you know the tunes feel free to join in. You can also come down to enjoy the music, drink the bear and have a good old fashioned chin wag. You may be feeling a little more adventurous in which case you may want to seek out ‘Joe Spoon’ for a country dance workshop with in the pub. If your not sure of the music don’t worry cause we post audio recordings and sheet music of the common repertoire on our Facebook. Just click on the logo below and like us to keep up to date with the latest session music. Urban Folk Session also run session gigs so you can come and check us out just playing together in an informal venue. You can find out where we are playing in the event Diary. Hope to see you soon!